World Class Customer Service

How to create world class customer service?

What about starting right at the beginning, by recognizing your customers so that you can greet them by name. What about knowing who they are, and what they’re likely to want to talk about, right as they walk up? What about knowing their past issues, and their preferences?

Science fiction?

Not anymore – Mad Systems’ patented #LookingGlass Concierge technology will allow you to do all of that an a lot more besides. Facial Recognition technology with a difference: a recognition time of well less than one second, with data on the screen well in time to greet them by name – but with privacy guaranteed, as the system does not need an internet link, and all information can be scrubbed whenever you want it to be.

Now THAT’s a new start to customer service – and it isn’t SciFi any longer, so talk to us to see how we can help you to create something special for YOUR customers.

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