LookingGlass Concierge Patent

Mad Systems today announced the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted patent #10,484,818 for systems and methods for providing location information about registered users based on facial recognition.

The system, called LookingGlass Concierge, using a secure (and private) form of facial recognition to help provide better customer service, and to make the stay of visitors to theme parks, museums, and visitor centers even better.

It allows visitors to opt into the service by either using pre-entry data submitted prior to their visit, on-site using a self-service kiosk, with assistance from a staff member, or by one of various other available methods.

Mad Systems has developed LookingGlass Concierge and other facial recognition based systems to improve customer service and enhance visitor experiences at theme parks, museums, visitor centers, fairgrounds, stadiums, conference centers, retail locations and other types of venues.

Coupled with Mad’s patent pending recognition-based media delivery, the LookingGlass system creates an integrated experience. “This is a wonderful beginning to a new era for AV and AV integrators”, said Mad Systems’ founder Maris Ensing in the company announcement. “I see facial recognition combined with our wireless AV system, QuickSilverâ„¢, reinvigorating the AV world to provide new and incredible opportunities for entertainment venues like theme parks and museums, but I also see applications for board rooms, class rooms and other related situations”, he said.

Why Mad Systems Patented to underlying technology for LookingGlass

“This technology allows you to recognize individuals and activate specific configurations for them. This is 21st Century AV technology for sure. Anyone who wants to see the future of AV with this patented technology at work, let us know. We’d be delighted to demonstrate”, Ensing said in the Mad Systems announcement.

Mad Systems’ Tricia Rodriguez said in the company announcement that officials “took a look at common challenges in entertainment venues and created solutions using software and technology” as the inspiration for the LookingGlass Concierge system.

“That research allowed Mad Systems to tackle things like keeping families and groups together at a venue, helps visitors to retrieve purchased merchandise so that they don’t need to carry that around with them all day, helps with venue traffic control and way finding, helps to easily exceed ADA requirements to make sure that affected visitors have a better than expected experience, and ultimately helps to create a more memorable, better VIP experience”, said Rodriguez.

“This is one of several facial recognition based systems for which we have submitted patent applications, so stay tuned for more innovations coming in 2020”, she said in the Mad Systems announcement.

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