There are still ongoing discussions about The convergence of AV and IT’. It makes me smile, as it’s something that reminds me of the discussions that our great grand parents might have had about a hundred hears ago concerning the virtue of horses and carts, well after cars had pretty well taken over. That time is past, and ‘convergence of AV and IT’ is no longer a worthwhile discussion. It’s history. We’re done with that. A discussion from a previous era.

Mad has been producing computer based AV systems for its entire existence, and to our mind, this convergence was pretty well done even before we started with #QuickSilver® development.

Combine all this with the emergence of a new generation of users that swiped before they wiped, and it is clear that these changes are urgent and necessary. This is a generation that is used to using smart devices from birth, and they’re not impressed with touchscreens, or indeed a lot of other things that we saw as innovations 10 or more years ago.

With all the changes that we have been and are doing in the post AV/IT convergence era, including our various Cheshire cat and related recognition software to essentially fully personalize media delivery, our Dormouse audio and video tour guides, and the Caterpillar visually impaired guidance system we felt it was time to refer to it as something different – yes, it’s no longer ‘conventional’ or ‘traditional’ AV. That era left us some time ago and thankfully, a lot of us have already moved on from that. We need to think about the next 20 years, not the last 20. Those that haven’t made that switch are clearly being left behind.

QuickSilver® offers new possibilities that are already beyond previous generation AV systems. Current development work on software such as DrinkMe will result in more drastic changes about to happen with the way we design and configure AV systems and their show control systems. This means that it is time to differentiate this new truly revolutionary way of doing AV. We’ve started referring to it as ‘enhanced AV’ – using the latest technology to push the boundaries of what can be done with AV and interactive technology, and creating new possibilities in a ‘traditional’ market. We have therefore trademarked a short form for ‘enhanced AV’: welcome to AV++®.

Welcome to a new era. Traditional AV is not dead – it’s merely moved on into AV++® to create new possibilities for a new audience. It’s a new world, with new possibilities.

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