Webinar #1: QuickSilver® 101

Well – our first webinar in our AV++™ series is done, and it was done well. A presentation on QuickSilver™ (very) basics followed by a demonstration of various wirelessly controlled elements in the lab.

Do make sure to sign up for the next ones – we will cover a range of subjects including immersive video and 3D audio options for a post-public VR world, our latest touchless touchscreen and actuator as well as recognition technologies. The announcements will be found on our home page, and you will also find links to the resulting recordings there.

Of course there’s a lot more to QuickSilver™ that is well worthwhile discussing, including our latest post-peak COVID-19 touchless technologies, TeaParty show control, I/O including digital inputs and outputs, wireless motion and a variety of additional sensors, LifeSaver, and TruCheck. Then there’s DrinkMe on the horizon, and a whole host more – but the initial presentation gives you a good feel for what QuickSilver™ is all about.

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