Webinar #4: Recognition Technologies

Our AV++™ Webinar featuring our Recognition Technology based media delivery took place on May 19th. Please click here to see the webinar.

Mad also announced that a new version of the recognition technology, that will recognize people wearing facial masks, will be available shortly.

Mad Systems’ unique patent pending Facial, Color and License Plate Recognition Controlled Media Delivery System provides for the ultimate solution to deliver the right media to visitors, and adds incredible options for digital signage and customer service applications, and even drive-through restaurants or services, door or parking lot controls and a host of other locations where facial or license plate recognition can tailor visitor experiences or improve their customer service.

If you’re an AV professional, exhibit designer or part of the museum, visitor center or theme park industry, or if you work in access control or digital signage, check this webinar about this advanced technology only available from Mad Systems.

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