Webinar #5: LookingGlass Concierge

The 5th Webinar and demonstration in our AV++™ series features our patented LookingGlass Concierge system. Click here to view this webinar.

LookingGlass Concierge is an advanced system based on facial recognition technology that aims to make life easier for patrons in museums, theme parks, sports arenas, conference halls and other public venues. It helps with guidance through the venue, time management, avoids lost kids by keeping families together and even helps to increase revenue by allowing purchases to be done without anyone having to carry the purchased goods around with them all day.

LookingGlass Concierge is an integrated system to provide for better customer service, and provides for unique opportunities wherever there is a large busy venue.

If you’re an AV professional, exhibit designer or part of the museum, visitor center or theme park industry, marketer, someone involved with customer services, or if you work in access control or digital signage, check this webinar about this advanced technology only available from Mad Systems.

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