Webinar #6: QuickSilver™ Toolbox, DorMouse and Caterpillar

The 6th Webinar and demonstration in our AV++™ series features our QuickSilver™ toolbox, which will include #LifeSaver, #TruCheck, #DrinkMe, our #Dormouse Audio Tour Guide system, and #Caterpillar guide system for the visually impaired. Click here to view this webinar.

LifeSaver is a tool to reduce power and increase equipment life. TruCheck is a real method for testing your system by measuring light and audio output in the space covered by your system. DrinkMe is a revolutionary new software package that allows us to design and configure a complete AV system from scratch with minimal human handholding – resulting in significant savings. Dormouse is our audio tour guide equivalent – but with methods for keeping families and groups of friends together, rather than splitting them up as usual audio tour guides do.

Dormouse also features polyphonic and randomizing capabilities, which allows it to generate sound scapes, while overlaying narratives or special effects as needed. Caterpillar is an #ADA system intended to assist visually impaired visitors to negotiate and enjoy any museum or other venue by providing safe guidance.

If you’re an AV professional, exhibit designer or part of the museum, visitor center or theme park industry, marketer, someone involved with customer services, or if you work in access control or digital signage, check this webinar about this advanced technology only available from Mad Systems.

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