QuickSilver® – a breath of fresh air

Traditional AV

When you think of traditional AV systems, you would think of a stack of components that are made to work together using a show controller, and you would be right. This is how all of us used to build AV systems. You get the devices you need, and get drivers together for the show control computer that then, all being well, glues the result together. You hope that there are no issues with the individual elements or interactions, and if there are that you can fix them. The approach has worked, but obviously there are a lot of things you will never be able to do well, if at all.
AV Equipment Rack

QuickSilver® AV

QuickSilver® is fundamentally different in that it is set up as a complete ecosystem. Of course mixing and matching is still possible, but why would you make your life harder, as QuickSilver® provides all the elements you need for a complete and sophisticated system (and if it doesn't, let us know - you'd be amazed at what QuickSilver® can do!).

Having designed QuickSilver® as an ecosystem, there are things you can do that are virtually (or actually) impossible to achieve with a disparate set of ever changing components, but there are advantages even in the ‘little’ things. QuickSilver® can use the same hardware for a number of different functions, and it can even switch from commercial to industrial grade hardware if preferred - not something any other AV system out there can claim!

Oh, and let's not forget - we're OK without rack-rooms with their HVAC systems, and conduit and cable and terminations and cable schedules.



QuickSilver® is flexible in that if a piece of hardware goes obsolete, another piece of hardware can be substituted without affecting the overall system. That's right - we're not going to be devastated and require massive changes and reprogramming just because a piece of hardware is no longer available.

That same substitute can be used as a replacement in older systems even if the form factor might change some (and let’s face it, the trend for equipment is to get smaller, use less power, and be cheaper with time), so obsolescence is designed out.

Spares requirements are reduced as it can use the same hardware for different functions, and assisted self-healing, possible with QuickSilver®, simply does not exist in the outside world. Power management is a logical integral part of the system. It also allows us to do things like create self-monitoring systems with automatic fault reporting and a host of other more advanced options that are impossible to achieve with the traditional mix and match approach.


More Advantages

From the installers viewpoint there are also huge advantages. Obviously the wireless option for the system turns installation a completely different equation, especially where you have to use expensive external labor - you'll spend a lot less money on that!

Not having racks, eliminating often troublesome signal extenders, and not having to terminate a whole bunch of CAT cable changes things dramatically.

Check out the latest QuickSilver® addition of a QR code on each of the peripherals, which when scanned will not only show the status of that unit, but also allows the installer or maintenance person to interact with it. For any of us being used to taking a walkie talkie and having someone in the control room to turn things on and off while we’re checking what’s going on in the field this is a major departure. Just scan the QR code, or get to the unit’s status/control page from the main system control page, and you can now manipulate inputs and outputs, kick off media, control interactives and a whole lot more is a major site life improvement!



And then there is, of course, control by the end user. No more expensive custom touchscreens about to go obsolete. Let's be sensible - QuickSilver® was designed to take care of that too. We like the idea that you can use just about any smart device you happened to have with you. It's the only way - so use your iPad, Android phone, Amazon Fire tablet, or pretty well whatever else takes your fancy to control your system.

The result

... is simple: a system that is more flexible and more affordable than anything out there, to buy and to maintain.

Isn't that just the icing on the cake?


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