The future of AV

A collection of affordable yet advanced and powerful tools for 21st century Audio-Visual systems, this is the future of AV


The solution

AV++® is a new toolkit that includes tools and services to create 21st Century AV systems. These are the basic elements of that toolkit:

  1. the QuickSilver® AV system
  2. Advanced QuickSilver® tools
  3. Recognition based media delivery
  4. Recognition based customer service options
QuickSilver® block diagram


QuickSilver® is a new generation IT equipment based AV system, and comprises a revolutionary set of tools that includes media servers, interactive servers, I/O devices, RFID/ Barcode/ NFC/ QR code options, immersive video and audio solutions, ADA options, touchless interfaces, and user interface options based on non-proprietary hardware that means that spares will be available for a long time into the future. The system can be implemented as a wired or a wireless system, and mostly needs no control rooms, racks, conduit or cable, signal extenders, or HVAC systems to keep it all cool. QuickSilver® is a more powerful, coherent system designed as a system that saves money to put towards exhibits rather than building infra-structure requirements.
QuickSilver® AV

Advanced QuickSilver® tools

These tools include DrinkMe, a semi-automated AV system design tool; LifeSaver which will extend the life of the system and reduce power consumption; TruCheck, an option to monitor system performance with real-time sensors; tools for installers and maintenance staff to allow them to check and control the system, and even a self-monitoring option that 'calls home' when attention is required.
Advanced QuickSilver® tools

Recognition based media delivery

With a new generation of visitors, a need to support multiple languages, and to support visitors that need a little extra help, it became clear that one size does not fit all. Personalized media delivery systems are the next logical steps for most of the venues where we install AV systems. Our patented recognition based media delivery solutions guarantee privacy by not needing an internet connection, and with a response time of around half a second provide for a natural feeling interface.
Mad Systems patented recognition based media delivery

Recognition based Customer Service options

Knowing who and where visitors are is the key to allowing a host of other functionalities to be implemented. Our patented recognition technology based methods include possibilities such as LookingGlass Concierge. It opens up possibilities for venues including retail, offices, theme parks, museums, visitor centers, cruise ships, and even Smart City applications.
Advanced QuickSilver® tools

Some QuickSilver® examples

QuickSilver® is gaining ground rapidly, and here are some examples of existing systems.
ARC visitor center

ARC Visitor Center


Jekyll Island Museum

Crayola at the Franklin Institute

Crayola Traveling Exhibition

Pennypickle's immersive video room

Pennypickle's SATTA(-lite)

Crayola at the Franklin Institute

Truman Museum and Library


Transciendents at the JANM

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