We are proud, and we are delighted to be able to report that the Crayola IDEAworks traveling exhibition opened at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia on schedule on February 13th, 2021. A unique, colorful, creative and fun exhibition, this is the first traveling exhibit that uses a wireless QuickSilver┬« system so that preparing it to be shipped to the next venue, and setup there will be as easy as it can possibly be. There is just one cable that needs to be located in the new venue: it is used to connect the various WiFi emitters together from the show controller. It really just doesn’t get easier than this. No racks, no bundles of cables, no need for manual power control. All functionality can be handled from a smart device, and power on and off is of course fully automated.

Visitors take a colorful RFID badge, and log into the system where they select and avatar and a color. From here on in, the system keeps track of their achievements as they move through the Colorverse.

From there on, the enjoy an introduction, and then enter through the portal where they will see a plethora of individual interactive exhibits.

Interactives include seven different hubs where they log in to have their creativity tested.

There is an opportunity to create a drawing which after being scanned is applied to the visitor using augmented reality, to make a Fashion Statement.

The Broadcast exhibit then creates a great opportunity to experience a green-screen visit to Mars, where you’ll travel across the surface of the planet following instructions from the Mars Colony controller.

A “Plan the Land” exhibit allows visitors to help to plan a new town by selecting what needs to be added to create the best possible living environment.

Elsewhere, environmental concerns allow kids to participate in taking a sad looking ocean reef and turn it back into a healthy, thriving environment.

So many exhibits, so much to do – and at the end of it all, visitors check out at one of the exit stations where their visit is analyzed, and a personalized sticker is printed to be applied to their RFID wristband.


What an incredible environment – stimulating, and sure to send kids home understanding that they are all creative, and capable of doing great things!





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