Alice™, Mad’s dynamic media generator

revolutionary patent pending technology
by Mad Systems

Revolutionizing Experiences with Groundbreaking Patent Pending AI Technology by Mad Systems: Introducing Alice™: 

Alice™, Mad’s latest patent pending addition to their AV++®️ technology, incorporates new revolutionary elements to usher in the future of dynamic and personalized content delivery for exhibits, presentations, shows, and everyday experiences.

Alice™ harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create diverse content in real-time, providing curated, different presentations for each visitor. Alice™ will provide individually tailored experiences for each visitor but also vary content to keep things fresh. 

Upon registration, visitors indicate their interests and preferences and can then use identification options, including RFID, Barcode, or our Facial Recognition technology. From this point, Alice™ begins crafting a unique narrative for each individual, adjusting to their curiosities and preferences throughout their visit based on pre-trained knowledge, generating data from a known Body of Knowledge from which data is extracted. This ensures that the data provided is correct and curated and that the integrity of the data presented is guaranteed. The information generated may include derived text in any supported language, audio including speech, SFX, music, images, video, smell, motion, and any other experience available for any given venue. 

Imagine standing in front of the Antikythera mechanism, hearing the exhibit narrate tales of its creation, discovery, and restoration, all attuned to your personal interests in Roman history or scientific discovery. Alice™ creates a unique narrative and presentation, shaping the story in real-time to match the visitor’s knowledge level, language, and interests. The next time you visit, the information presented will most likely be different, even if you indicate the same preferences and interests 

The technology extends beyond text, generating speech, images, special effects, lighting control, and, of course, videos. Alice™ generates personalized tours led by synthesized Avatars of your favorite personalities – from generic scientists and personalities to the inventor of the Antikythera mechanism, or Julius Caesar, Albert Einstein, or a Tom Cruise look-alike.

Alice™ is fully integrated within our AV++® eco-system to provide a coherent, ever-changing story to keep every visit fresh and engaging, and it can also be grafted into other suitable systems that provide the required flexibility. It is designed to accommodate visitors with vision or hearing issues, ensuring that the technology is accessible to all. 

We invite you to step into this new world where AI doesn’t just provide information – it creates personalized experiences. With Alice™, every visit is a new discovery, every experience is captivating, and everything is catered to you.

Let’s talk about how Mad’s technologies can take you to that next level!

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