Lory™ teaser

Looking to redefine the visitor experience in public spaces, Mad Systems introduces Lory™, a patent-pending breakthrough Personalized Media Delivery System. Lory™ harnesses cutting-edge technologies to bring unparalleled accessibility, multilingual support, and customization to exhibits.

This innovative system caters to diverse needs, enhancing accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments by delivering content compatible with hearing aids and offering sign language options. It further breaks down language barriers by providing audio, subtitles, and sign language in multiple languages, creating an inclusive experience for all visitors.

But Lory™ doesn’t stop there. It goes a step further by delivering a truly personalized user experience. Utilizing various recognition technologies, Lory™ identifies individual visitors and tailors media content to their unique preferences, such as age, knowledge and interest level, or language proficiency.

Whether you’re operating a museum, a theme park, or a sports bar, Lory™ is designed to enhance your visitors’ experience, making it more engaging, accessible, and personalized than ever before.

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