Crayola IdeaWorks

We’re proud to announce that the Crayola IdeaWorks traveling exhibition s now open at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. The result is stunning.

A huge game changer for the industry, this is the first traveling show based on the wireless QuickSilver® AV++™ solution. Instead of multiple racks and bundles of tangled cables, this exhibition uses the grand total of one (1) single infra-structural cable, and a small rolling show control cabinet that also handles all the power management for the entire exhibition.

traveling to Mars to do a quick News section? It’s all just in a day’s work!

Mad also developed the various interactives for the exhibition, and the RFID system and backbone that hangs it all together. All RFID intra-system communication is also handled wirelessly, as is all the power management.

This unique solution proves that QuickSilver® is ready for just about any task, and adds to the success story of our latest technology. With 50-some exhibits, 30 of which have barcode readers to track visitors from exhibit to exhibit, this light weight, wireless solution based on standard, long term available non-proprietary equipment proves that the time to ditch that previous generation cumbersome traveling show system is here.

just one of the fun exhibits that make up the Crayola IDEAworks traveling exhibition

A new era for traveling shows, as this gem clearly shows. Why stick with the old, when the new is lightyears ahead! Click here to read the article in InPark magazine.

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