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QuickSilver® – a breath of fresh air

Traditional AVWhen you think of traditional AV systems, you would think of a stack of components that are made to work together using a show controller, and you would be right. This is how all of us used to build …

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AV++® technologies include Mad Systems’ QuickSilver® audio visual system and Mad’s patented recognition based media delivery options.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

If you’re into marketing or advertising, this is so obvious that you’d hope it’s not even worth discussing. However, the technology has not existed to do anything about it. so that the tried and tested (and tried and tested) scattergun …

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about our latest technology

We are very excited to have Maris Ensing on the latest episode of the “Mad About AV” podcast! Tune in for an in depth Q&A session regarding the newly awarded patent that covers personalized media delivery through recognition technology with …

Marketing and Advertising

The problem A lot of the current marketing and advertising approach is boring. Let’s talk about new approaches and new technology for marketing and advertising. After all – this is the time NOT to stick with those well-tried marketing and …