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Mad Systems

Simple, Complex, and anything in between

AV Systems

Advanced Technology

Touchless touchscreens, buttons, levers, handles and other controls

Touchless Technologies

Automated AV++™ Design

Interactive Exhibits

Touch, Gesture, Electro-mechanical

Recognition Technologies

for personalized media delivery

Because one size does not fit all

Personalized Media Delivery

3D Randomizing Audio

Immersive Video

Post-public VR

for physically, hearing and visually impaired

ADA Support options

AV and Interactive Solutions

for a new era


Mad Systems , a WBE founded in 1998, has extensive experience with AV systems and interactives - from small systems to large, we have worked on museums,. theme parks, visitor centers, briefing centers, retail, trade shows and board rooms


With all of our experience using 'traditional' AV systems, it became clear that our new audience needed a more advanced approach, and that the technology was there to make the changes necessary to take a huge leap. This is the result - from our QuickSilver® post-AV/IT convergent system to advanced methods to personalize media delivery and a whole host of additional new possibilities


We have created digital and electro-mechanical exhibits for most of our existence. With a team that have a wide range of experience and all the tools they need, our interactive development capabilities are second to none

Recognition tech

Our patented recognition technology is a new way of providing personalized media - something that is essential in a world where 2-year olds are used to playing with smartphones and tablets

breakthrough technologies

a different way to do AV

personalized media delivery

AV system design

touchless touchscreens and other interfaces

using RFID, barcodes, NFC or our patented recognition technologies to personalize media delivery. This is how we create 21st Century systems

we design traditional systems, or we can use DrinkMe to automatically design futuristic systems. Reduce costs, and create more flexible and capable systems than ever before

we have created a range of new controls for touchless touchscreens, touchless buttons and levers to reduce Covid-19 risks, and immersive exhibit tech for a post-VR headset world

Immersive Systems

Uncompressed Video


Electro-Mechanical Interactives

3D audio

Recognition Technologies

Personalized Media Delivery










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