Mad Systems in Hong Kong, IAAPA/TEA/BlooLoop June 2015

Mad Systems荣幸地宣布我们即将赴港参加2015年IAAPA展会和2015年Blooloop会议。借此时机,我们真心希望与您探讨合作可能,帮助您打造技术设计和完美呈现。我们将在6月15日(星期一)至19日在香港。Mad Systems是一个拥有15年经验的世界顶级视听和综合技术公司,足迹和经验遍布世界。我们特别专长于主题公园、博物馆、家庭娱乐中心、体验中心和餐厅,当然还包含活动和营销解决方案。

Mad Systems are pleased to announce that we are on our way to Hong Kong for the IAAPA 2015 and the blooloop 2015 conferences. We would welcome an opportunity to discuss possible collaboration and help you with your technical designs and implementation, and will be there from Monday June 15th until June 19th. Mad Systems is a 15 year old world class Audio-Visual and general technology company that has done work all over the world. We specialize in Theme Parks, Museums, Family Entertainment Centers, Visitor Centers and Restaurants as well as Event Marketing solutions.

Hope to see you in Hong Kong!



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