Mad Systems wins prestigious Commercial Integrator award

Mad Systems are proud to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious Commercial Integrator award for the interactive experience that we designed and built for Yahoo!, used at the CES2015 exhibition in Las Vegas earlier this year.

The experience was designed and built with “we are the Nation”, a New York based design and experiential marketing firm.

The interactive is based around a Kinect 3D capture system, that allowed us to capture visitors hand movements which are then used to grab Yahoo data elements as they come towards the visitor. The intent of the interactive was to help people understand the vast amount of data that is being captured by Yahoo every second of every day, and the incredible data mining opportunities that anonymous processing of the data gathered allows for. Recent articles on the results of such data mining are helping in fields as varied as cancer research and climate change. 

yahoo screen balanced winner v100
This screen grab shows what the visitor controls by just waving their arms and pointing to the screen.



A visitor in the middle of working the system

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