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tell stories, share emotions
and convey thoughts
using our technology and creativity
capturing these moments for others to see
is what we aspire to accomplish each day
through our design and implementation

the Science Storms gallery at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago with its 57 exhibits
is the most advanced science gallery in the western hemisphere

our work

below you will find a selection of some of our favorite projects
we hope you’ll enjoy looking at these
as much as we enjoyed putting them together

Gwinnett’s Museum Exhibits feature various interactive presentations and games

image gallery

some images of projects that we have worked on over the years

Gwinnett’s Blue Planet Theater uses a water screen,
and a dynamic topographical map table to create a mesmerizing show

the new underground gallery at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

Ben Franklin’s museum in Philadelphia tells the story of the great man
– this is a small theater within the museum

the entry into the theater at the Atomic Museum in Las Vegas,
where visitors get to experience
a blast experiment out in the desert

the Cascades at the University of Oregon

the Santa Monica Aquarium’s latest interactive for individual and group use
– and not a touchscreen in sight!

Mad’s television studio at the Greenville Children’s Museum;
with its multiple modes of operation,
this truly is the ultimate kid experience

interactive gallery

not only do we do audio-visual systems

we design and develop interactive exhibits and displays

for event marketing, museums, visitor centers and theme parks

make your own stop-animation while dad looks on at the Greenville Children’s museum

who can resist taking a real close-up look at Harry Potter’s Studio Tour in London?
Gigapixel imagery allows visitors to see the film model
as if they have a telescope, and the detail is incredible!

yes, Mad do have a reason for the name
This is a milkable cow at the South Dakota Historical Center,
where kids can milk a cow and compete with a milking machine

the Viejas Casino outdoor show, an auditorium that holds 2,500 visitors
that features a 60′ wide water screen, balls of flame and
a show with a live actor – this was fun!

professor Pennypickle’s laboratory at the Temecula Children’s museum
holds experiments for the good professor and Beaker, his rather intelligent mouse.
You’ll also find this 13′ wide permanently moving interactive gear wall

a simulated airboat ride through the Everglades
at the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale

the interactive monoliths at the new ESPN Sports Center studio

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